There were a total of four awards given this year for best papers and best posters. Congratulations to all the awardees!


BEST PAPER AWARD: “Interactive continual learning for robots: a neuromorphic approach.” Elvin Hajizada, Patrick Berggold, Massimiliano Iacono, Arren Glover and Yulia Sandamirskaya.



BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD: “Design and implementation of a parsimonious neuromorphic PID for onboard altitude control for MAVs using neuromorphic processors”. Stein Stroobants, Julien Dupeyroux and Guido De Croon.



BEST IN-PERSON POSTER AWARD: “Improving Neuromorphic-Controlled Autonomous Racing through Algorithmic Optimizations”. Amelie Nagle, Alexandra Shanafield, Julia Steed
and Catherine Schuman.



BEST VIRTUAL POSTER AWARD: “Multi-Weight Artificial Synapses with Variable Geometry for Neuromorphic Computing”. Thomas Leonard, Samuel Liu, Mahshid Alamdar, Jean-Anne Incorvia, Patrick Xiao, Christopher Bennett, Matthew Marinella, Joseph Friedman, Lin Xue, Otitoaleke Akinola and Can Cui.