Speaker Bio

Prof. Dhireesha Kudithipudi

University of Texas at San Antonio

Dhireesha Kudithipudi, PhD is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science; Robert F McDermott Chair in Engineering; and Director of the Neuromorphic AI(NuAI) lab at UTSA. She is also honored to be the Director of the MATRIX AI Consortium through which she serves the diverse population of San Antonio, Texas.

Her research interests are in brain-inspired AI, neuromorphic computing, energy efficient ML, and AI accelerators. Before her tenure at UTSA, she served as the director of the Center for Human-Aware AI at RIT. Her team has published over 100 articles in the field of neuromorphic AI. As an expert in her field, she has been an invited speaker on the future of neuromorphic R&D at organizations such as AFOSR, DOE, NSF/NIST, Seagate, ARL, and National Laboratories, and leads large collaborative initiatives in neuromorphic computing. In recognition of her work, she received the Clare Booth Luce Scholarship in STEM for women in higher education (2018), Rochester’s Technology Women of the Year (2018), ELATES Fellowship (2022), and San Antonio Lights Award (2022). Her teams’ research work has been recognized with multiple best paper awards (CVPR-W, NICE, AI Summit) and featured in several outlets such as Nature Outlook. Driven by a passion for diversifying the field of AI, she actively leads Project Lovelace, supported by Xilinx Foundation among other initiatives. Kudithipudi is a first-generation and first PhD graduate from UT San Antonio’s Electrical Engineering program. She received her MS in Computer Engineering from Wright State University.